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NEW!!! Deer Attractor “4-Way Clover Blast”:

(8-12#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1/4″
Spring, Summer or Fall Perennial Blend (Multi-Year)
A perennial legume mix to benefit everyone. This 4-Way Clover Blast will attract deer, birds, and pollinators. Once established, this will flourish for 3-5 years, supporting soil health and wildlife. Clovers are great ground cover and spread quickly to suppress weeds, plus their rhizobium-packed roots will add nitrogen to your soil, eliminating the need for additional fertilizers.

25% Medium Red Clover
25% White Dutch Clover
25% Glacier Ladino White Clover
25% Alsike Clover

Deer Attractor “Unlimited” Mix:

(8-12#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/4″
Late Spring/Early Fall Perennial/Annual Mix (Multi-Year)
An excellent choice to bring in and grow big deer.
When established this mix is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that provide deer with the proper growth and development. With active grazing or mowing, a lush perennial crop will flourish for 3-5 years before reseeding.

29% Ladino White Clover
20% Medium Red Clover
15% White Dutch Clover
15% Dwarf Essex Rape
10% Alsike Clover
6% Perennial Ryegrass
3% Chicory
2% Purple Top Turnips

Deer Attractor “Brassica Blend”:

(8-12#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1/4″
Mid Summer/Early Fall Annual Blend (one year)
Lush, leafy forage that is packed with Proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A great late season choice that can feed the heard through winter. Most attractive after a frost. Then the leaves sweeten up and the deer can’t resist. Once the leaves are gone the deer will dig up and feed on the bulbs the rest of the winter.

20% Dwarf Essex Rape
20% Purple Top Turnips
20% Winfred Brassica
20% Hunter Brassica
20% Forage Radish

Multi-Grain Food Plot Mix:

(50#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1″
Early-Mid Fall
A quick established late season plot that will stay green all winter.

34% Oats
33% Winter Wheat
33% Winter Rye

Red Grain Sorghum:

(20#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2 – 1″
Late Spring/Early Summer
Fall food source and cover for upland game birds.
(Plant matures 3.5’-5’ tall in approx. 80-95 days.)

100% Red Grain Sorghum

White Grain Sorghum:

(20#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2-1″
Late Spring/Early Summer
Fall food source and cover for upland game birds.
(Plant matures 3.5’-4’ tall in approx. 70-80 days).

100% White Grain Sorghum

Upland Game Mix:

(15-25#/Acre) Seeding Depth: 1/4″
A dense nesting perennial seed mix that attracts, holds and provides a food source for ducks, pheasant and quail. The Premiere choice when you want to develop bird hunting/watching opportunities.

60% Tall Wheatgrass
25% Intermediate Wheatgrass
10% Vernal Alfalfa
5% Yellow Sweet Clover


1. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 3-4″.
2. Rake and lightly pack the soil to prepare a smooth, firm seed bed. Break up any lumps and remove debris.
3. Allow weeds to re-grow for 2-3 weeks before killing off with glyphosate. Wait 2 more weeks before fertilizing or seeding following the glyphosate application.
4. Fertilizer should be applied following manufacturer’s instructions. A good fertilizer recommendation is 200-300# of 14-25-10 per acre. (Check soil test)
5. Spread the seed uniformly. (Use rate recommended on analysis label)
6. Lightly rake/drag the seed into the soil to a depth of 1/4″, but no deeper.
7. Roll or cultipack the plot to insure good seed to soil contact.
8. Try and time the planting out before chances of rains to insure even germination.
Management for Deer Attractor “Brassica Blend” Food Plot Seed Mix:
  • To control grassy weeds use a grass selective herbicide, such as Poast or Select.
  • For broadleaf weed control our best advice is to mow at a height of 6″ (no shorter).
  • This practice will control weeds and stimulate fresh regrowth from your food plot.
Management for Deer Attractor “Unlimited” Food Plot Seed Mix:
  • With the seed combination of perennials, annuals, clovers, grass, and brassicas, it is difficult to control weeds with a chemical application.
  • Our best advice is to mow at a height of 6″ (no shorter).
  • This practice will control weeds and stimulate fresh regrowth from your food plot.
Management for Deer Attractor “4-Way Clover Blast” Food Plot Seed Mix:
  • Mow at a height of 6″ (no shorter!) 2-3 times per season.
  • Avoid mowing when in heat, drought, or other types of stress.
  • Several herbicides are on the market that will control weeds in clovers. Always follow herbicide labels for best results.


Not sure which mix is right for you? Try our Deer Attractor selection tool!

Flowchart to help aid in selecting deer attractor

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding Wildlife Mixtures, please contact:

IMG_2482-editRoss Rivard
Forage & Native Seed Specialist
Phone: 800-731-5765
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Grand Forks, ND

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