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Fall Dormant Seeding Lawn Tips by U of MN Extension

Is late October or early November a good time to plant? Yes, as long as soil temperatures stay below 50 degrees! dormant-seeding-your-lawn-_-university-of-minnesota-extension Need help finding soil temperature for your area? NDAWN

We carry Premium Granular Ice Melt too!

Do you have parking lots and sidewalks you need to keep clear of snow & ice? We can help with professional grade products! All products are uniquely color coated to warn people area maybe slippery and to aid your applicator so he/she does not overlap to much. Landscaper's Choice with CMA landscapers-choice-sell-sheet-new Brown Bag Ice Melt brown-bag-sell-sheet Power Thaw Ice Melt powerthaw_sheet Simple & Safe simple_safe_icemelt

Proud to be new AQUA-AID Distributors!

They have great Soil Surfactants and so much more... http://aquaaid.com/ FYI Check out the patented multi branch products PBS 150, OARS PS and OARS HS Want to dial in your Soil Surfactants? Check out this handy guide! Surfactant Guide Call us today to learn how these products can help you!

Tips to help recover from Snow Mold

Tips to help recover from snow mold • Remove snow and ice from turfgrass areas (this is easier said than done). • Lightly rake the grass to promote air circulation and to allow light to penetrate the canopy and encourage new shoot and leaf develop. • If there is any dead or matted material, rake and remove. In the case of dead turfgrass, renovate the site. • If the site did not receive appropriate fertility in the fall, a modest application of started fertilizer would be recommended. • For gray snow molds, the damage is done, so fungicide applications are…

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